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TOEFL incorrect word - đề 9
Câu 1:  Penicillium is one of the many molds that procedures the antibiotics used to control diseases. :
Câu 2: The continental shelves is the shallow area of the ocean floor that is closest tothe continents. :
Câu 3: The average adult get two to five colds each year. :
Câu 4: Economic goods often consist to material items, but they can also be services to people. :
Câu 5: Because she didn’t like shop very much, she did most of it with her personal computer. :
Câu 6: People who speak to theirselves are not necessarily disturbed, but according toone leading phychologist merely doing what we would all do if we could. :
Câu 7: The Secret Garden, it is a book written years ago for children, has become popular again among adults in the film version. :
Câu 8: Mobile telephones have replaced the pagers as the most commonaccouterments of the up-to-date young businessperson. :
Câu 9: Under the crust of the Earth are bubbling hot liquids that sometime rise tothe surface. :
Câu 10: The term Neanderthal man was used to describe widely dispersed populationsthat lived between 110,000 and 35,000 years ago. :
Câu 11: The intent of the Historical Society is to restore old buildings and the increase of interest in the history of the area. :
Câu 12: When Keith visited Alaska, he lived in a igloo in the winter months as well as in the spring. :
Câu 13: The volume four of our encyclopedia set has been missing for two months. :
Câu 14: The professor was considering postponing the examination until the following week because the student’s confusion. :
Câu 15: Although no country has exactly the same folk music like that of any other, it is significant that similar song exist among widely separated people. :
Câu 16: The examination will test your ability to understand spoken English, to read non-technical language, and writing correctly. :
Câu 17: The first living structures to appear on earth thousands of years ago werealike viruses. :
Câu 18: The price of gold depends in several factors, including supply and demand in relation to the value of the dollar. :
Câu 19: Esperanto is an unique language because it was created by a man called Ludwig Zamenhoff. :
Câu 20: Alike other forms of energy, natural gas may be used to heat homes, cook food, and even run automobiles. :
Câu 21: The woman had took the money from the cash register before she left forlunch. :
Câu 22: Mosquitos are such fast breeders that it is almost impossible to control themeither by draining areas where they breed or to spray them with pesticides. :
Câu 23: Although no country has exactly the same folk music like that of any other, it is significant that similar song exist among widely separated people. :
Câu 24: Michael has worked in three different companies in three different positions, sohe has more work experience than the other applicant’s. :
Câu 25: Every student must make up their own study list of the classes he is going to take at the beginning of the quarter. :
Câu 26: Sinaitic is the name of an alphabet which developed their symbols from Egyptian hieroglyphics. :
Câu 27: Before the Industrial Revolution come to America, the vast majority of the population lived in rural areas. :
Câu 28: How much times did Rick and Jennifer have to do the experiment before theyobtained the results they had been expecting. :
Câu 29: Every candidate under considering for a federal job must undergo a thoroughmedical examination. :
Câu 30: First raise your right hand, and thenyou should repeat after me. :
Câu 31: While the sun is the major source of ultraviolet rays, it is not the source only. :
Câu 32: Vaslov Nijinsky achieved world recognition as both a dancer as well as a choreographer. :
Câu 33: Frank Lloyd Wright has been acclaimed by colleagues as the greater of all modern architects. :
Câu 34: Sometime ants keep smaller insects that give off honeydew, milking themregularly and even building barns to shelter them. :
Câu 35: The American buffalo must be reproduce itself again because it has been removed from the endangered species list. :
Câu 36: Once the scientist had figured out the precise path of the comet, he is findingthat he was able to predict its next appearance. :
Câu 37: Lead poisoning can result if to much lead builds up in the body. :
Câu 38: The need to improve technique motivates ballerinas exercising and rehearse for hours daily. :
Câu 39: In a corporation the approval of a majority of stockholders may be requiredbefore a major decision can be done. :
Câu 40: After driving for twenty miles, he suddenly realized that he has been drivingin the wrong direction. :
Câu 41: Because of the severe snow storm and the road blocks, the air force dropped food and medical supplies close the city. :
Câu 42: Before bridges were built, all transport across major rivers in the United Stateswere by ferryboat. :
Câu 43: A galaxy, where may include billions of stars, is held together by gravitational attraction. :
Câu 44: The philanthropist did not feel sad when he donated his only to the museum. :
Câu 45: So good the salesman was that he passed his target after only six months in the job. :
Câu 46: Listening to music on tape or even on disk is not nearly as good as to go to alive concert. :
Câu 47: The journey by train is more short but more expensive and definitely more comfortable than by bus. :
Câu 48: Unexploded bombs buried deep in the ground have been found in the construction site opposite of the City Hall. :
Câu 49: The sun is a huge fiery globe at a average distance of 93,000,000 miles fromthe Earth. :
Câu 50: Harvey seldom pays his bills on time, and his brother does too. :

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